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CO2 Scorecard Grading Methodology

The grading approach used by CO2 Scorecard aims to capture three dimensions of CO2 emissions performance. These are: (1) the annual trend of CO2 emissions, (2) the CO2 Intensity of the economy measured in terms of kg of CO2 per 2005 PPP GDP (source: EIA-US) and (3) the CO2 footprint as measured by the total annual CO2 emissions from energy use (source: EIA-US). CO2 Scorecard does not intend to further aggregate these components into a single index.

The cut-off points and the grading criteria for the three components of the overall rating are shown below, and the underlying mathematical and statistical concepts are explained later in this note.

Grading Categories







[Note: The quartiles displayed on the country dashboard are based on nonparametric  or distribution free  methodology. In comparison, the quartiles for grading are estimates based on the assumption of lognormal distribution.]






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