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Data Updates

Update notice Feb 15, 2011:

Data on all CO2 emissions and energy use indicators were updated, going up to 2009. Addiontally, six new socio-economic indicators covering population and GDP were also added to the database. The next data update would likely be around the middle of 2011, when the numbers for 2010 start to roll out.

Update notice Jul 20, 2010:

CO2 emissions data from BP and the World Bank were updated. Additional indicators on cumulative generation capacity for geo-thermal, solar and wind were added to the database. A new composite data source EDGAR/PBL from the Netherlands was also added.

Update notice April 21, 2010:

The CO2 Scorecard database, which has twenty five indicators from the World Bank dataset, would be updated with the newly released WDI-2010 data. Expect site update by May 31, 2010