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Welcome to CO2 Scorecard Research

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Welcome to CO2 Scorecard Research

Written by: CO2 Scorecard Research • Apr 21, 2010
Topic: General

Welcome to CO2 Scorecard Research!

This section of the CO2 Scorecard will be a forum highlighting specific issues in the debate over climate change, and introducing the range of tools and functionality available on the CO2 Scorecard site. CO2 Scorecard Research will bring insights gleaned from the CO2 Scorecard database and analytical toolkit to provide new perspective on a range of issues, illuminating key patterns and drivers of carbon emissions and energy use.  

This data-driven approach to analysis will help to shed new light on a number of policy and regulatory issues currently under discussion, and contribute to an informed debate about the full range of issues involved in understanding and making decisions regarding current patterns of carbon dioxide emissions.

CO2 Scorecard Research will also highlight a series of features on the dazzling array of data analysis tools available on the CO2 Scorecard site, in order to help familiarize our user community with the range and depth of data analysis and visualization applications available on the site.

We also plan to collaborate with researchers interested in applying CO2 Scorecard's data, and hope that our data readiness would be a useful resource for fact checking as well as for policy analysis and discussions. If you have research questions or ideas, please contact us.

Please sign up for the CO2 Scorecard newsletter (on the main page) to receive regular updates on new insights and site features, and we appreciate your active participation and feedback on the range of tools and services available at CO2Scorecard.org.  Thank you and again, welcome!